The Impact of Lifestyle on Cancer with Tom Fisher - PTP435


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In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk with Tom Fisher all about the impact of lifestyle on cancer. Tom Fisher is a fountain of information when it comes to cancer and lifestyle. We felt like the conversation could have continued forever. He shared with us his health journey with cancer and then we talked a lot about certain nutrients to eat or supplement with and how it affects the body. We dove into sugar, alkalinity as well as other lifestyle factors that can affect cancer growth in the body. Tom Fisher, R.N., B.A., is also a highly experienced Health Coach with over 16,000 clinical hours of working one on one with people with various health challenges. Tom is a Certified Health Educator and stage IV cancer survivor, “now over 21 years cancer-free”. He is currently developing content and health protocols for the Cancer Coach Organization. Tom studied under some of the top integrative medical practitioners in the world. He lectured throughout the United States on health and nutrition. He is a Health Optimization Coaching Academy, “HOCA” instructor. Tom has a unique background in health, having worked with patients in allopathic and integrative medicine and having been through the medical system as a patient with cancer. In this episode we discuss: Love water His health journey and finding plant based Accidentally finding Stage 4 bone cancer Phytonutrients What foods to eat to Alkalinity Wheatgrass, spirulina and chlorella Sugar Lactic acid What is PubMed Lack of minerals Need to supplement Carcinogenic foods Fats and oils Mind body health Recall healing Chinese medicine technique Genetic expression Detoxification

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