Optimizing Fertility Through A Plant-Based Diet with Lisa Simon - PTP433


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In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk with Lisa Simon all about optimizing male and female fertility through the use a plant-based diet. But it is more like unpacking some of the preconceived notions around diet and pregnancy and looking at the real answers. What do you need to be eating? Can diet effect male fertility as well as female fertility? What role do saturated fats, carbohydrates, and grains really play? These are things that are hard enough for some to navigate when they are not trying to get pregnant! You’ll get a lot of specifics on what to be eating if you’ve got a baby on the mind or if you are like us and DO NOT want to be more fertile, you’ll still have great ideas on what to make sure you’re getting day to day. Lisa Simon has worked for the NHS since 2014, specializing in gastroenterology in 2016. She left her full-time post in 2019 to focus on her freelance work but continues to run weekly clinics for the NHS. Her special area of interest is optimizing fertility with a plant-based diet, and she is passionate about providing compassionate care, using all the pillars of lifestyle medicine in order to fully benefit her patients. In this episode we discuss: Waking up Finding plant-based for fertility Adding in more plants or taking out animal products Heme iron and plant iron Omegas Saturated fat Ovarian aging What men need for fertility and what women need Iron deficiency and anemia When to become plant-based Which nutrients and foods are important to eat when looking to become pregnant for men and women Warnings about iodine and kelp 🙅‍♀️ low carb diet Pregnancy and infant loss Remembrance day

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