Creating Eco Friendly Sports Equipment with Troy Akin - PTP429


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In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk with Troy Akin all about creating eco friendly sports equipment and providing a healthier and more sustainable alternative. This guy really impresses us. He found a plant-based lifestyle as a young athlete and quickly devised a plan to make this lifestyle sustainable in order to recover and perform better as an athlete. He didn’t want to be one of those people who stopped doing what he loved because he got older and had to deal with aging wear and tear on the body. Then he was able to make the connection between what we put in our body and the sorts of equipment we use, its carbon footprint, and overall health for the planet. There is some cool stuff in this episode and you’ll want to share it with all the young athletes (from recreation to pro) that you know. Troy Akin was born the youngest of 3 boys in Northern California. Coming from an athletic family, all he did was play. After graduating from Chapman University where he played #1 Singles and Doubles for the Men's Tennis Team, he moved up to LA to pursue acting. With minor successes he started businesses in social media marketing and consulting, realty and modelling and more. Being a retired college athlete he thought he could play tennis and basketball and volleyball at the same high level forever, but each year it got harder to wake up, it got harder to recover, it got harder to get motivated. Troy was over that lifestyle, so after reading about a plant based diet, he started and now he has been fully plant based and Vegan for 2 years. Everything just got better. After realizing there was a lack of Vegan sporting goods, Troy went down the rabbit hole to realize not only are sporting goods a very leather intensive industry, but it is also toxic for earth. There had to be a better solution. So with Troy’s 7+ years of entrepreneurship and marketing background, Eco Sports was created. In this episode we discuss: Becoming plant based Accidental burger Being a young athlete Recovery The vegan mentality Making the connection to the athletic gear Creating high quality vegan athletic gear

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