How to Stay Focused on Your Goals


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Have you ever struggled to meet the goals that you've set? In this episode, I will share six strategies that I've used to stay focused on my goals. Hopefully, these strategies will help you succeed in all that you are looking to accomplish for this year.
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I've had opportunities in my lifetime to take on big projects, and lead teams, and although the journey seemed overwhelming at first, the strategies have always helped me to succeed.
Find your Drive
I talked about the importance of finding what drives you so that you have the fuel that you need in order to accomplish your goals.

Seek Out Accountability
Accountability is something I frequently discuss. It is very important for you to have a measure of accountability with someone in your life checking in and making sure that you are staying true to what you said out to do.

Write it Out
It's always helpful to write down your goals. I find that when I write things down it opens up additional opportunities to get detailed how my goals will be met.

Measure It with Deadlines/Milestones
Taking account of the deadlines and milestones that you will meet as you complete your goals is key to staying on point throughout the year.

Do Goal Sprints
Sometimes you can find quick and easy tasks to complete to give you a little bit of a Headstart towards your goal. I called these goal sprints. Identify where they are and go for it!

Midpoint checks (July/Aug)
I'm sure you had many goals that you were tracking towards. Setting aside some time to reflect on how you've done and where are you still have yet to go is very helpful for you to do in the middle of the year. Set some time in your calendar to do a midpoint check.

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