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Welcome back to Planet Storytime!
In this episode of the podcast, Thomas Mitchell and Paxton Stanley deliver one of L. Frank Baum's often overlooked classics, The Wonderful Pump, a story that dramatically illustrates how greed taints best possible outcomes and the crucial need to remain fully mindful when opportunity presents itself.
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- We're less than two weeks away from our 1 year anniversary, and as we head into our second year, we have exciting changes coming, including producing 100% all-original content, and diving deeper into the history of Planet Storytime
- Before we make the change to all-original content, we have a handful of children's classics we intend to produce, including at least a pair of Rudyard Kipling's most famous works
- Given challenges with Covid-19, distributed work, digital learning, etc., our production schedule has lagged behind our intended plans for 2020; we promise that our publication frequency will increase back to 2-3 podcasts/months as soon as possible
- Our much anticipated website will finally roll out in the next few weeks as well
We could literally spend 1000 words expressing our gratitude for your support but we know the best 'thank you' back to all PSP fans is to get more content into everyone's ears. Our first year was largely an experiment to gauge interest levels and overall sustainability. Suffice it to say that the overwhelmingly positive feedback and subscriptions have convinced us to continue making podcasts indefinitely!
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