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Season's Greetings from Planet Storytime! It's been snowing here for weeks and it's extremely chilly! But it hasn't been enough to keep us from knocking out stories as quickly as we can!
While our team has been focused on the production of The Beatru Chronicles, we wanted to share our first original Christmas story, The Story of Archie Ball, complements of guest author, Eudora Russell.
This is a wonderful Christmas story featuring the lost and out of place, Archie Ball, who finds himself amidst a long quest in search of purpose and meaning, narrated by Thomas Mitchell and featuring classic Christmas music produced by Paxton Stanley. We sincerely hope you enjoy the story!
As we get ready to turn the page on 2020, we remaing 100% focused on continuing to provide more and more stories about Beatru and her adventures but will continue to provide stories for our younger listeners from time to time. This Christmas story should appeal to our fans of all ages!
Wish you all - around the world - a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday season! Thank you for your strong support in a very difficult year - we will continue to provide content and, as promised, with much greater frequency than we had in 2020!
The PSP Team, Thomas and Pax
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