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Happy New Year!
With each new year comes the opportunity for each of us to strive for new goals, new ways of thinking, and true enlightenment. For the team at Planet Storytime, we look forward to continuing to provide amazing stories in 2020 and beyond, and kick this year off with Oscar Wilde's, The Selfish Giant, adapted for the podcast by Thomas Mitchell with music by Pax Stanley. This is a gorgeous story about the importance of overcoming selfishness, learning how to give and serve others, and the kind of magic that happens when you learn to share not only of your things, but of yourself:)

- The new website is very close to launch! This will provide an easy stop to download episodes, subscribe to the podcast, read our upcoming blog series in the many reasons why we do this show and believe in its power to help strengthen young minds and older ones as well
- Starting with PSP18, we will no longer be adhering to a strict, every Monday schedule, as much of our work in the new year will be focused on the development of new, original material and will, at times, take us longer than a week to produce; we expect our pace will average 3 episodes per month, but don't hold us to that - we may deliver more or less, depending on the material
- We will be returning to the 'Stellar' podcasts which summarize all the previous months' episodes into one episode as these shows have been extrememly popular with our listeners
- We will also be releasing our "Best Planet Storytime Podcasts of 2019" in the weeks ahead which will combine our 10 most popular episodes from 2019
- We want to say thank you to Daniel Altiere for his time in the past week. Daniel is responsible for some really big kids movie screenplays over the past 10 years, and he was kind enough to spend some time with us this week - thanks, Daniel!
- A big shoutout to Caleb and Carly for becoming our first two official listeners and a huge source of inspiration for our show and two of our most loyal fans!
- A big shoutout to all of our fans worldwide! Our show is now played in 27 countries all around the globe and we want to say thanks to all of you for your support!
Until next time!
PSP Team
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