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Welcome back to Planet Storytime!
Four months ago, Thomas and Paxton took a chance on a new story model for the podcast, releasing the first of six chapters for their new serial story, The Beatru Chronicles - Act I. As much as our production team has used the PSP podcast format as a creative sandbox for compelling children's content, and done so with a thriving and growing fanbase worldwide, we knew that Beatru's story, written to appeal to the older kids in our audience, might completely miss the mark with the bulk of our fanbase, especially those who have kept our very first episode, The Tale of Peter Rabbit - PSP 1, our all-time most popular episode.
But our team recognized that there are several children's podcasts currently available that appeal to younger children, with often less ambitious and mature content than Beatru, and we felt we needed to use our imaginations to create something that stretched our own comfort levels a bit, as we surely have with our fanbase, to create something wholly compelling, unique and sustainable beyond a single episode/podcast that leaned on Thomas and Paxton's strengths as writers and composers of original material. And as we have many times with TM Ganim, we leaned on JS Blue to provide us an original story that was unique to Planet Storytime, just like Crow & Beetle has been over the past year and a half. Once we began working on The Beatru Chronicles with JSB, we knew we were creating something very special.
And while Beatru's amazing stories may continue to be a bit of strange narrative for some of our fans, support has grown significantly since we published the first chapter on December 6th, 2020. To THOSE countless fans that have continued to support Beatru, this podcast is for YOU!
You no longer have to hop between PSP34, PSP35, PSP37, PSP38, PSP40 and PSP43 to listen to Act I as all are now combined into this podcast, with chapter markers:
Chapter 1 - The Clearing
Chapter 2 - The River and the Turtle
Chapter 3 - Stampede
Chapter 4 - Colonel Rhys
Chapter 5 - Friends in High Places
Chapter 6 - Clarity and Purpose
And if you haven't given Beatru's story a chance to this point, we encourage you to do so now! Clocking in at exactly 90 minutes, Act I works well for long road trips, rainy days and even family listening night, as many of you have told us you like to do a few times each month:)

  • A big shout of thanks to Jane Owen who helped provide just enough spark to our production team to help keep us believing in our story and our beloved character!
  • And more thanks to JS Blue for his wonderful story (w/ an assist to TM Ganim for his creative consulting on this project)

Please enjoy the full length version of The Beatru Chronicles - Act I and stay tuned for Act II which is already in production for release later this year, perhaps by early summer! In the meantime, and for those fans who long for an awesome TM Ganim story, our very next episode will be the next TM Ganim story he's written and we can't wait to hear it, produce and release it as soon as possible!
Please visit our new website: https://planet-storytime-podcast.podsite.io/
We'll be back soon with more amazing stories so stay tuned and please tell your friends and family about us!!
Thank YOU!
PSP Production Team

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