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Welcome to Planet Storytime, and Happy April Fools Day!!
We know things back on earth are very challenging right now with most families in our audience relegated to sheltering at home with limited ability to socialize. We thought it was long past time to present another STELLAR podcast to help fill some of your time while sheltering together!
In this episode of the podcast, we present to you 5 of our amazing stories that haven't received as much attention as most of our others: Crow and Beetle, The Lazy Man and the Squirrel, How The Bald Man Came to Be, by TM Ganim, along with Bremen Town Musicians and Hans In Luck, by the Brothers Grimm.
(This podcast has chapter markers for each story)
We would like to thank Scott Gilbertson and WIRED magazine for putting us in their latest article about the best podcasts for kids for sheltering at home! This is the second time WIRED has promoted our podcast and we remain both humbled and greatful!
Thanks, Scott!! We hope you and your family are sheltering safely and are able to enjoy our latest Stellar podcast:)
These are challenging times and we encourage everyone to remember to take a deep breath, hold it, and let it out, a few times each day. We will make it through this together and we will continue to provide more and more episodes and new content in the weeks and months ahead.
As always, we thank all of you for love and support!
Thomas and Pax
April 1, 2020

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