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Welcome back Planet Storytime friends!

Today we return to the farthest reaches of the cosmos with TM Ganim’s Livelong, Galaxy Hopper, episode 2: “Gonquick and the Black Hole.” As Livelong searches to get back home to the Galaxy of Wuntune, we are introduced to Livelong’s longtime friend, Gonquick. It doesn’t take long before the two friends find themselves face to face with a black hole! Hold on to your seat, as this episode is sure to take us for quite a ride.
With wonderful performances by Thomas Mitchell and Dave Halverson, this podcast should keep everyone on the edge of their seats!
Hard to believe this podcast is our 50th! We're so excited to share this ride with all of our fans and look forward to sharing our next 50 podcasts - thank you as always for your support!
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We have much more in store for the rest of 2021 including more Livelong, ACT II of The Beatru Chronicles, and maybe (just maybe!), a brand new Crow & Beetle story!
Happy Summertime!
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