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Welcome back to Planet Storytime and another classic TM Ganim original!
This marks the first time this year that we've returned to our classic format with our classic intro and a story for all ages that harkens back to our first year of production, which we know many of our listeners will appreciate!
Heavely is a story about the challenges of sticking out from the crowd given circumstances beyond one's control, and how important it is to stand firm in our love and belief in ourselves and to focus on those things we really like about ourselves. This story is another original from our amazing friend, TM Ganim and a throwback to the kind of content Planet Storytime is known for! That's not to say that Beatru won't be back because she will be in the near future, along with a brand new serial story from the aforementioned, TM Ganim! We cannot wait to hear what he has in store for all of us! But we know many you truly love our more traditional children's stories, and this new original is an instant classic. We truly hope you love it as much we do!
As always, a big shout of thanks for our continuous support from you, the listeners!
Until next time!
PSP Production Team

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