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Welcome back to Planet Storytime!
In this episode of the podcast, Thomas Mitchell and Pax Stanley present their adaptation of Hans In Luck, by the Brothers Grimm, a story that reminds us that attitude and perspective play the biggest roles in how we view good/bad luck, and happiness in general. This story was adapted for the podcast by Thomas with all original music by Pax.
On the horizon...
- Our new website rolls out in January which will feature easy access to all of our podcasts, our upcoming blog, interviews with popular children's story creators, and listener-supported-only content, including the music soundtrack for each episode, contests, opinion polls, and much more!
- There are rumors on Planet Storytime that TM Ganim is putting the finishing touches on a new holiday story for us for release later this month...stay tuned!
- We've received several requests for a "Stellar Vocabulary" segment on the podcast. Look for this new section to be included in future episodes and eventually retrofit to ALL of our episodes. We believe young minds thrive when they're stretched ever so slightly, and for our younger listeners, this will give them defnitions for our larger words!
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