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Welcome back to Planet Storytime!
In this episode of the podcast, Thomas and Paxton interview the legendary, Fred Mollin! Fred's career began back in 1972 and has spanned the bulk of his lifetime...
From his Wikipedia page:
"Fred Mollin is an American and Canadian record producer, musician, film and TV composer, music director, music supervisor, and songwriter. He has produced records for Jimmy Webb, Johnny Mathis, Billy Ray Cyrus, Lamont Dozier and America, and has composed music for Beverly Hills, 90210, Friday the 13th (movies and television), Forever Knight, Hard Copy, and many more. Mollin rose to prominence early in his career by co-producing (with Matthew McCauley) Dan Hill's international hit record, "Sometimes When We Touch", in 1977.
As an artist, he has written and produced music for a series of children's albums, including Disney: Lullaby Album: Instrumental Favorites For Baby, peaking at #6 on January 26, 2001, on Billboard's Kid Album music chart; and Disney's Princess Lullaby Album, which peaked at No. 23 on October 25, 2002 (Billboard). He created the musical group Fred Mollin and the Blue Sea Band, composing and producing albums such as Finding Nemo-Ocean Favorites, Lightning McQueen's Fast Tracks, and others, primarily released on Disney/Pixar albums."

We encourage you to visit Fred's own webpage at:


Fred just released a brand-new children's, interactive music album, called, "It's Great To Be a Kid", available as a digital music download, and/or CD available here:
In the interview, Fred talks about his motivation and inspiration for his amazing new album, as well as his career and his love of simply PLAYING music! It's a great discussion that we think many of our listeners will truly enjoy, especially all future musicians!
We look forward to having Fred back in the very near future where he will peform some of his favorite children's songs!
Fred - THANK YOU for your time today and for sharing some of your history and inspiration with us!
PSP Team

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