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Welcome back to Planet Storytime!
In this episode of the podcast, we are presenting our Thanksgiving episode from last year, A Crow & Beetle Thanksgiving. Part of the decision to re-run PSP13 is tied to our current production work for our new original series, The Beatru Chronicles, which we'll be releasing with PSP34 in little over a week (more details on that below), and part is tied to the fact that we consider this to be one of our very best episodes, with two of Thomas and Paxton's favorite characters, Crow and Beetle. So if you missed this episode last year, please give it a listen this year!
We're also well aware of the fact that we are behind schedule with new content - we apologize for the delay. As we've mentioned in the past, the Planet Storytime Podcast has been largely a content experiment for our production team as we've worked hard to understand what our continually growing audience wants from the show. And given the amount of time we put into producing the show, we want to make sure that our efforts are tying back well to our fans' main interests.
Over the past 14 months since our inception, we have produced famous works from famous authors and we have produced original content. The feedback for both story types has been equally positive. But given the amount of time needed to produce our podcasts, we've opted to focus strictly on our own original content, which requires far less development/modernization time.
We're also moving to a new story-telling model with The Beatru Chronicles - a recurring, serial show with each podcast episode produced as single chapters from a much larger story we've been working on the past several months. This will not only help improve our publishing frequency but provide cliff-hangers, longer story arcs and help streamline our production schedule. Most importantly, this shift in content will help us produce better and better podcasts.
We will still occasionally produce one-offs with original content, like our Crow & Beetle stories, but our long-term plan is to focus largely on The Beatru Chronicles and other long-term series. We'd love to share more about Beatru and her adventures but would prefer to save all of that for PSP34. Suffice it to say that Beatru should appeal to our 6-and-up listeners (and hopefully most of adult listeners) who love epic adventures in the vein of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and J.K. Rowling!
We want to thank all of you once again for your endless support - we know you want more content, faster, and it is coming! We feel cautiously confident that The Beatru Chronicles and continued focus on original content will be well-received by our fanbase and intend to have PSP34 published on Black Friday.
Stay tuned!

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