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On this week's Sky Fantasy Football Podcast Suj & James reflect on the moves they made last week and why the struggle to gain in rank continues.

There's a detailed look at yesterday's announcement of the TV fixtures in the midweek in matchweek 33 and the two following weekends. Some of those fixtures could still move subject to the European and FA Cup draws but the announcement of two additional Burnley single gamedays is locked in and will have Sky managers looking at buying Nick Pope again and there could be big gains to be had on the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City from Sunday 17th or Wednesday 20th of April.

Plus, why the upcoming Everton v Newcastle, Wolves v Leeds and Aston Villa v Arsenal fixtures shouldn't be ignored, there's still big gains to be had investing further in Arsenal and tonight's Kane v Salah capatincy conundrum is debated...

Coming Up on Planet FPL tomorrow... Clash of the Correspondents: Wolves v Leeds United with @parker_bradley and @fpl_tactician


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