Just 'Cause 3's My Favorite Number Doesn't Mean Just Cause 3's My Favorite Game | Attack the Backlog


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On this episode of Attack the Backlog, I blow up everything but dolls in Just Cause 3, a game where you cause mayhem and destruction...just 'cause. This marks a first for Attack the Backlog. This is the first time I've ever gone back into my backlog to finish an old save, instead of restarting a game from the beginning (if it's something I've played before, but never finished). I won't go into further detail here--I have to leave some reason for you to check out the episode (in case my sultry voice isn't enough on its own)--but I will say I 100% made the right decision in choosing to continue my old save instead of starting a new one (and no, not just 'cause).

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