Aligator Thoughts: The Insatiable Insomnia Causes for Business


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Got the "alligator thoughts" of a struggling business?

Just under the surface, many business owners and entrepreneurs have fears. I've had these annoying, wake-me-up-at-night alligator-like questions:

• Will there be enough?

• Where are my customers?

• Why don't they "get" it?

• Can I keep the doors open?

• Am I gonna have to get a "real" job?

• Why won't my business grow?

I know those days, those challenges, exist. I've learned, however, to banish those doubts, to speak the language of my clients, to connect with them, using effective stories, anecdotes, and deep listening.

Folks are shocked that I tell them to "listen" as a tool for brand storytelling.

I've been teaching this process of business growth for decades. By now, entrepreneurs know that they must use story to connect. It's no longer some far-out, touchy-feely, or soft-skills theory.

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