SH 29 - Knuckleballs!


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Short Hops & Tall Tales — Brandon & Noah get excited for a long-awaited episode, all about the magic and mystique of knuckleballs! They talk about what makes the pitch such a unique part of baseball lore, as well as some of its most infamous pitchers. Brandon reads a tribute to the many battered and beleaguered catchers behind the plate that have attempted to wrangle this pitch over the decades, and Noah caps things off with a special story of a time when a Hall of Fame third baseman unleashed his knuckler in an MLB game. Tune in now!


Leadoff Quote(s)! (03:04)

What is a knuckleball? (03:40)

A brief(lol) knuckleball history (05:07)

Hoyt Wilhelm (08:03)

Wilbur Wood (11:38)

Phil Niekro (16:16)

Noah's Uncle Rico moment/talking pitch grips (20:50)

R.A. Dickey (25:27)

The Pickle Jar! "Submarine Pitchers" (32:01)

Knuckleball catchers! (39:24)

Rick Ferrell (40:20)

The '45 Senators (42:40)

Gus Triandos (48:13)

Bob Uecker (50:58)

Jerry McNertney (51:36)

Wade Boggs' Knuckleball Adventure (53:10)

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