SF 26 - The Bard College Holiday Throwdown with Howard Megdal


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Shaggin' Flies with Ben and Zach

Zach is joined for a special solo session with Howard Megdal (@howardmegdal) of Baseball Prospectus, The IX, and the Next for a lovely ninety-minute conversation about women's sports, Bard College, the Mets, New Jersey, and plenty more baseball.


3 – Working in politics, but then not

5 – Mouse!

7 – The Next and The IX

10 – A nearly half-hour tangent about the wonderfulness of women’s sports and the criminality of their underfunding

31 – Name and Image Likeness

33 – Loving sports at Bard College

35 – Sending angry emails to KenPom

37:30 – Leon Botstein does have a Wikipedia

40:30 – Campaigning the backup center for D3 player of the year

42 – Why baseball?

47 – Basketball is a shot, baseball is an IV

49 – The Baseball Talmud!

52 – Coolest games ever: 2015 World Series, David Cone, and Johan Santana

58 – Alex Bregman and flawed replay

1:02 – Analytics talk

1:06 – Cat!

1:07 – The enemy is certainty

1:09 – Order of Operations trifecta!

1:14 – The consistency of toothpaste as it hits the teeth

1:15 – A conversation with Abraham

1:17 – No ghosts, but Justin Turner is unexplained

1:20 – The Full Count

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