DSH 40 - Early Season Drafting w/ Kevin Hasting


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Dugout Study Hall - Expert layman Matt Goodwin (@TheCorkedMatt) and fake baseball economist Alexander Chase (@chase_rate) talk with Pitcher List's own Kevin Hasting (@hastingkevin) about podcasting with Adam Howe (@EightyGrade), winning the TGFBI overall, NFBC early drafts, overall winners, players, the new CBA and more!

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  • Picking Kevin’s brain (03:14)
  • On the Wire (05:51)
  • TGFBI and overall winners (07:40)
  • Pass/Fail: Flurry of activity (13:39)
  • The Texas Rangers (23:41)
  • Gausman + Ray + Gray (28:39)
  • Moran + Tsutsugo (33:34)
  • Early Drafting + NFBC (38:43)
  • Off the Books: New CBA (54:19)

Note: Episode recorded on 11/29

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