The GRINCH, Max & Hedda Who-Per Interview Wholiday Special with Piper & Natalie!


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HoLy PiPeRoNi! The Grinch! It’s our 2018 Holiday Special (or Wholiday) Special! This is one of the funniest set of interviews in the 11 year history of Piper’s Picks TV and, from what we’ve heard from Hedda Who-Per, possibly all of Whoville history!

The Piper’s Picks crew sets out to Whoville at Universal Studios Hollywood to interview none other than The Grinch himself! Oh, we’re getting into some major political issues here too! (Let’s just say there may be some ballot box stuffing issues going on!) What’s going on with Martha May and the Grinch? Hmmm…he’s not too happy about being asked. What’s this about picking Natalie as his favorite!? Oh, and are we in any danger that the Grinch may be planning to steal Chanukah (or Hanukkah, you pick)!

Next, we may have the perfect inverse to my truth-finding mission to deliver accurate entertainment info, Whoville’s notorious gossip columnist, Hedda Who-Per! She’s hilarious and super-pretty. One thing we agree on…fashion! You’ve gotta check this out. She’s funny, but can she keep a secret?

Also, Max! Yes, I’ve got a few questions for The Grinch’s canine companion! Is this Grinch on the ASPCA’s naughty list?

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