Stranger Things Andrey Ivchenko Interview & Halloween Horror Nights Maze Walkthrough


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It’s a STRANGER THINGS interview with Grigori, the Russian bad guy behind an evil plot & played by Andrey Ivchneko! Plus Piper’s Stranger Things Halloween Horror Nights maze walkthrough and reaction!

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS: Piper caught up with Andrey at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights for Halloween, 2019! Of course, we had to add in some of the creepy footage from the Stranger Things maze to go along with the interview…and Piper’s reaction to it! Buckle up and watch out for Demogorgons because Grigori’s been working for the Soviet Union building a machine that can open a portal to the upside down!

ANDREY IVCHENKO: Andrey’s real-life is even more interesting than Grigori’s! He was born in Kharkov, a city in center of Ukraine. That’s not an easy place to be come an actor! After two years in the Soviet military, Andrey went to college and earned a masters degree in kinesiology, which is basically the scientific study of human movement. (That likely comes in quite useful for the hours Andrey puts in at the gym!)

From there, Andrey moved to Europe and then on to Canada, where he gained his citizenship and started acting. Andrey’s now based in LA. He’s been in Falling Skies, Nikita, The Way of the West, Counterpart, xXx: Return of Xander Cage and, of course, Stranger Things.

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