Ava Kolker Talks Girl Meets World + Lexy Kolker in Freaks & Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland!


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Ava Kolker looks back at Girl Meets World updates us on Sydney to the Max! Plus, Lexy Kolker & Piper Reese talk about the Millennium Falcon at SWGE & Lexy’s freaky sci-fi horror movie Freaks! We’ve got a lot to talk about with these two awesome sisters! You guys have been requesting Ava for quite a while too!

We met Ava and Lexy at a special Child Safety Party sponsored by MiFold. It’s a super-portable booster seat that folds into a clutch size to make it easy to be sure kids are buckled in safely! Check out MiFold at Mifold.com and please always be sure kids are buckled in properly! 💖

After the interviews, the Princess of the Press reports back on her visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland! Did Piper Reese drink Batuu’s famous blue milk? Did she get to meet her Imperial crush, Kylo Ren? Did she crash the Millennium Falcon? Is that even possible!?

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