491 - Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, S12E14


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Mary Payne and Erin discuss the latest RHOBH (S12E14) titled “Shameless Not Ruthless” but it should have just been called “TOOTHLESS and MORE TOOTHLESS." PK gets his veneers cleaned and we are subjected to seeing his old Richard Ramirez/Night Stalker teeth. Make it stop! Crystal talks to Sutton about her eating disorder. Asher plays music like no one is watching, except an entire camera crew is watching. Dorit throws a party for the HOMELESS NOT TOOTHLESS charity where Rinna makes a scene and Sutton proves she can stand up for herself and be hilarious. Kathy is there and unable to see things or hear things. We continue to love Garcelle but don’t love her speculation about Erika. Let it go! Kyle stirs the pot and Mo smokes the pot.


4:14 “What’s Happening Next Door?” Segment

29:20 Recap begins

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