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DEMOS please send via email to: Pineapple Digital Music is a group of record labels dedicated to serving the avid listeners of authentic underground music. Pineapple Digital is the flagship label which caters to authentic progressive house, progressive trance and progressive breaks. Pineapple Uplifting is our new trance label, specializing in the trance and sub-genres of trance music. Pineapple Grooves covers house, deep house, tech house, nu disco, funky house, disco house, ambient, chillout, and downtempo, We offer the DJ’s the best electronic underground music , and connect them with some of the brightest and most talented artists in the house, progressive, deep, melodic, chillout, breaks and trance genres. In the evolving landscape that is the electronic music scene, industry veteran of 35+ years Dave Pineda has put together a roster of top-tier talent to give the community the true sounds it’s searched for. From heated dancefloor rhythms to revitalizing uplifting melodies, Pineapple Digital is committed to connecting music listeners to the music producers; all under the umbrella of adherence to the sounds that created a legendary genre. Producers: * Please do NOT send mp3’s as attachments, instead send a download link, or a private soundcloud link. Send 1 or 2 of your best tracks to start, if we’d like to hear more, we’ll ask. We can’t sign bootlegs, mashups, or remixes of records we don’t own, so please consider what you’re sending. Please don’t mass CC us along with 50 other labels – the personal approach is always noted, and we want some exclusive stuff! Try to give us a very short introduction to yourself, and include a link to your track. Please send your demos to: We are looking for the following genres: House, Funky House, Nu Disco, Deep House, Deep Progressive/Tech, Tech House, Jackin', Chillout, Melodic Progressive/Trance, Progressive House, Latin & Brazilian House, Liquid and Atmospheric DnB. Dave Pineda, from Toronto, Canada, the label owner of Pineapple Digital, with over 30 years of experience in the music industry and has been a professional dj for over 35 years now and counting. Dave is one of the few DJ's in the world that can play almost every genre of dance music effortlessly from the 70's to EDM. A turntablist at heart. He is called the Master DJ, "the DJ for all DJ's". Dave is known for his ecclectic taste in music and his mixes which takes the listener to an emotional journey that mesmerizes and captivates. When he is not busy running his label or doing podcasts, he would sometimes do in gigs all over the world. What sets him apart from other dj's is his intensity and knowledge of music that keeps peopleglued to the dance floor and what makes his live sets unique is he makes his own bootleg versions of popular tracks. A true master of his craft. For booking inquiries:

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