Ep 100: How Age & Wisdom Effect Retirement


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Let’s talk about one of the primary benefits of aging: wisdom. Phil shares some of the key things to consider in order to make wise decisions as you age and near retirement.

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Watch the video podcast: https://youtu.be/-x5lDhWYZPw

Key Points:

0:13 - It’s our 100th episode!

1:36 - What has Phil seen in the industry?

2:39 - What’s the difference between now and 20 years ago?

5:57 - Do people wish they started sooner?

8:03 - What kind of advice did Phil give his kids?

10:20 - Do people worry more or less about financial issues as they get older?

12:02 - Have people changed their opinions about legacy?

14:06 - Are you being smart with your risk?

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