How and When to Pursue Decentralized Clinical Trials: Conversation with Experts


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In this conversation between two decentralized clinical trial experts, John Reites, CEO of THREAD, and Andy Iverson, Clinical Outcomes Solutions lead at Medtronic, are discussing decentralized clinical trials: where they don’t work yet and how that might change, the considerations for disease indication and trial type, what technology to use, and what an adoption journey could look like. Key Takeaways: When DCTs don’t work (yet) Technology, operations and knowledge perspectives What a phased approach looks like Identifying the key stakeholders Speakers: Andy Iverson is the Clinical Outcomes Solutions lead on the Evidence Optimization Center of Expertise team at Medtronic. In this role he functions as a subject matter expert and project team leader for initiatives related to artificial intelligence, decentralized clinical trials, and interoperability. His career includes 10+ years working with provider and payer systems and data. Andy serves as the Co-Chair of HL7s Biomedical Research and Regulation workgroup and is on the Operations Committee of the HL7 Vulcan FHIR Accelerator. He received a BA in Healthcare Management at Concordia College and an MS in Data Science at Northwestern. John Reites is CEO of THREAD. Executive intrapreneur turned digital health entrepreneur, his career includes 18 years leading global drug development, clinical trials, decentralized studies and clinical research innovation. As CEO of THREAD, he’s led the company’s efforts to change the way clinical research is conducted, focused on decentralized approaches and enabling the use of their platform to conduct modern research studies while supporting partnerships with their customers.

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