US Launches: Right Size, Right Time, Right Place, and the Importance of Execution in Ensuring an Effective Launch with Trevor Landry, Senior Vice President - Commercial Lead at Syneos Health


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In this episode of Pharma Launch Secrets, Bozidar is joined by Trevor Landry, Senior Vice President - Commercial Lead at Syneos Health. They discuss the successful launches behind Ozempic and Rybelsus, why companies should set up omnichannel promotional efforts for their pharma products, and the importance of engaging digitally with your customers.

They cover:

👉 [ 00:07:03 ] The biggest change between launching new products five years ago and today is the need to look at something bigger and broader than the traditional way. COVID has accelerated what pharma companies need to consider when launching into a marketplace

👉 [ 00:07:33 ] Pharma Marketplace is no longer dominated by big pharma; hence, small or mid-size companies can have a foot in the door and have a say in a successful launch

👉 [ 00:10:40 ] To have a successful launch, you need to have these various omnichannel promotional efforts with a clear and specific message of what your company seeks to achieve

👉 [ 00:11:00 ] When you talk about launch secrets, consider the following:
  • Do you know your clients?
  • Do you know who you're targeting?
  • Do you have a very clear message on efficacy?
  • Have you defined efficacy for the patients and the providers?
👉 [ 00:11:10 ] To maximize your reach, frequency, and engagement with your customers, you need to have a clear message on efficacy for the patients and the providers, or else the market may define it for you

👉 [ 00:14:20 ] Using digital assets and the face-to-face healthcare provider experience are effective ways to get the word out there. However, human-to-human interaction is still the most powerful of the two, having a Rep in front of a Physician with a message and possibly a sample

👉 [ 00:23:44 ] In recent times, content can be tailored to whatever digital follow-up format without losing the central theme of the brand. This can then be targeted and tailored directly to the needs and wants of the audience receiving it

👉 [ 00:28:40 ] A small to a mid-size agency can help successfully launch a commercial asset from start to finish, from:
  • Brand development
  • The marketing campaign, deployment,
  • What are the best deployment decisions that you need to make, factors that you should look at when making a deployment decision on size and structure

👉 [ 00:29:24 ] From a one-year budget planning cycle, you need to provide answers to the following questions:
  • Does market access have you blocked out in various geographies across the country?
  • Do you expect that to change based on those answers?
  • Are you properly invested, neither too big or too small, in those markets to gain the most access and returns on your investments?

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