Peer-to-Peer Programs and Pharma Launches: Opportunities to Engage HCPs Using Short-Form, Trusted, Clinically Relevant Information with Andrew Willmer, EVP of Strategy and Innovation at Symbiotix


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  • What are the three most common forms of P2P programs?
  • Why are short clinical pearls coming from a trusted voice, delivered in a personalized way, the future of HCP engagement?
  • What is one feature that HCPs request for virtual, real-time, and on-demand P2P engagement programs?
To answer these questions, Bozidar is joined by Andrew Willmer, EVP of Strategy and Innovation at Symbiotix.

They cover:

  • [ 03:58 ] - Peer-to-peer programs bring together clinical experts from the same field to share information and expertise on a specific pharma subject. Lately, there has emerged a high demand for clinically experienced doctors and experts to discuss with their peers and give advice to each other
  • [ 05:45 ] - Peer-to-peer engagement programs can manifest in the form of a speaker program event where one expert speaks to a group of clinical individuals; conference-led engagement events supported by one or several experts in front of a large group of expert peers under the context of a scientific congress; video or on-demand delivery of content
  • [ 08:21 ] - During COVID, there was a dramatic shift to virtual or on-demand content, which resulted in digital fatigue. Today, physicians look for more personal engagement. But there is also a high demand for digital engagement
  • [ 17:25 ] - Physicians look for short clinical pearls that come from a trusted voice in a personalized manner. That level of personalization depends on the market space you are in and the objectives of a particular launch. But the critical part is to understand the individual on a personal level to make relevant content for them
  • [ 25:09 ] - Trust is the ultimate factor that determines the success of P2P programs. To increase that level of trust, pharma companies have to share and be honest about information. Engage with your audience from a position of honesty and support it by bringing experts with their own clinical opinions to the discussion

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