How Data Analytics Can Create Competitive Advantages for Your Pharma Launch with Bharti Rai, SVP and GM of Health Insights, Products and Solutions at CVS


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In this episode of Pharma Launch Secrets, Bozidar is joined by Bharti Rai, the former VP of Commercial Acceleration Commercial Operations, Insights, Analytics, Data & Digital at Novartis, and now the SVP and GM of Health Insights, Products, and Solutions at CVS. They discuss the role of data analytics in customer personalization, driving business, and creating a competitive advantage.
Bharti has over twenty-five years of experience in the Pharma and Consulting industries, having previously worked as Chief Commercial Data Officer and Digital Health Innovation at Bayer, and as Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting.
They cover:

👉 [ 03:07 ] Companies focus on getting deeper customer insights and delivering a more personal touch with the customers. Data is crucial for understanding the customer's pain points and needs and modeling your messaging and engagement according to their feedback
👉 [ 07:36 ] Pharma companies can access various sources of data they can combine to deliver a better product, like data vendors, internal campaigns, reps, and consumers. You should reduce reliance on third-party data and focus on capturing first-party data
👉 [ 11:35 ] Marketing and sales tactics require the right content that resonates with the proper channel and customer journey personalization
👉 [ 19:22 ] Data helps improve business KPIs like cost, effectiveness, customer experience, and satisfaction
👉 [ 25:33 ] Setting an effective infrastructure is the most impactful element of making data work properly. Also, shift to product thinking, get the right resources, think of value at the beginning, become more data-driven, and be patient
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