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Pet Pulse is the news source for animal lovers, which takes an in-depth look at the issues facing the $43 billion a year industry of domestic pets. It's pet news, but it's no joke and not a lot of fluff. Our stories are comprehensive, engaging and thought provoking. They not only catch people's attention but give the viewer the knowledge to act if they want to make a difference. It's not just about reporting the issues as news, but about taking a closer look at the implications that the issue will have upon animals, pet owners and the industry at large. We are not activists or advocates. We are simply story tellers conveying the tales of animals. To that end, every story will have an element of reporting from the animal's perspective. Pet Pulse operates online, a medium that has changed the game of how news is received and delivered. Our viewers and readers are a dynamic component of our news organization. They provide instantaneous feedback on our stories and will not hesitate to point out when we have not answered the key questions. Ultimately, this pushes us to be better journalists. Getting the story right has never counted as much as it does here. Reporting for Pet Pulse brings an opportunity to sharpen investigative and enterprise news skills. We believe Pet Pulse is at the forefront of how news will be delivered in the future -- informative, relevant and targeted to an audience who truly cares.

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