PPR 253 The LLC Protection Myth Music Edition


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Understanding Inside Out vs Outside In Liability is the key to property Asset Protection So , I want to share a quick visual with you if you're not watching this on Get an LLC you got to protect yourself and you do this you take your. Rental real estate and you put it in your LLC and you think ah. Optimizing Retirement income and protecting your legacy does not happen with a product.

You must have an integrated approach. Optimizing retirement income doesn't happen with a product like investments, life insurance, 401k, real estate or annuities. None of these things by themselves will help you maximize retirement income. You must have an integrated approach that balances the economics of retirement accumulation and retirement income. I am pulling back the kimono on old outdated Wall Street advice without losing site of critical planning decisions related to estate and asset protection planning.

DISCLAIMER: Kraig Strom is not an attorney or a certified public accountant. Kraig is a Certified Financial Planner Professional®, a Chartered Financial Consultant®, and an Investment advisor representative. As cool as all that may sound, this video is only helpful hints, tips and education. This video is not specific tax, legal or investment advice. Before you decide to take action on anything you see in this video, please consult with your tax, legal or investment advisor first.

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