141. Steve Fretzin, Be That Attorney — Business Development: How Soft Skills Double Revenue


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Relationships drive business. But how do you identify the connections that will generate more business for your firm? Enter Steve Fretzin. He works with start-up solos to attorneys at large firms - originating over $6 million in billables a year. He is also the host of the Be That Lawyer podcast and a four-time author.

Business development - or connecting one-to-one - is based on soft skills that might not come to every attorney naturally. But that's okay. Steve is here to help give you insight and practical tools to help your business grow. He covers best practices for business development and how to stay accountable to your own priorities.

What's in This Episode?

  • Who is Steve Fretzin?
  • How to define business development for law firms.
  • What are the most important actions when developing a book of business?
  • How to make decisions based on priorities and not the inbox?
  • What is the best thing solo attorneys can do for business development?
  • What secret power do introverts have?
  • What soft skills are needed to make the sale?

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