135. Stacey Brown Randall, Stacey Brown Randall — Authentic Referrals: Accelerate Your Firm


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Cases with the lowest cost-per-acquisition come from referrals. But how can a firm get referrals consistently, without manipulating or asking? Stacey Brown Randall has cracked the code - securing over one hundred new clients in her first year - from referrals alone. She has replicated her system for countless businesses AND wrote the book on it - Generating Business Referrals Without Asking. Today we get into building trusted networks, the importance of managing expectations, and what most people get wrong about referrals.

What's in This Episode?

  • Who is Stacey Brown Randall?
  • Where are people going wrong in the traditional model of getting referrals?
  • Do paid referrals lack integrity?
  • How can you build a network of referral partners that clients trust?
  • When referring other attorneys, is it better to select one option, or provide multiple?
  • How can attorneys become better referral partners?

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