A Solution to Fixing Google's Monopoly on Advertising


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Is Google a monopoly? If so, how is its market power hurting marketing and advertising agencies?

On today's episode, Kasim Aslam describes how Google's monopoly power allows it to weaponize data and charge money for traffic over and above normal auction rates.

About a decade ago, bloggers, marketers, and advertisers used to get by on organic traffic and internet advertising. Unfortunately, those days are long gone now that Google gobbles up the vast majority of internet advertising dollars. Google can exert massive influence by controlling how people use the internet — and charge money for traffic however they please.

Like any monopoly, Kasim believes it's high times the government regulated them and created an ecosystem that allows other marketing mechanisms to compete.

Listen in as Kasim dissects how Google's monopoly is hurting advertising and how The U.S. Justice Department can confront Google's position as the unchallenged giant on the internet.


  • How Google's monopoly is hurting advertising
  • Google's dominance in the advertising space
  • The U.S. Department of Justice's role in squashing Google's dominance
  • Ad rank threshold and what that means
  • Google's tainted Ads pricing framework
  • Why Google ads can and will exceed your daily set budget
  • Why the traffic auction format is an interesting counter to Google's monopoly



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