Why Zero-Party Data Is So Critical for Marketers | Interview with Ryan Levesque


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Today’s conversation is with internet marketing legend, Ryan Levesque. He’s the founder of the ‘Ask Method’ and shares how the last two decades of marketing has prepared him for this moment. Ryan details how marketers and businesses can respond to the changing digital landscape and also what businesses need to do in order to survive. He also covers how quiz funnels can be a total game changer for businesses looking to get back the ROAS they saw pre-iOS 14.

Topics Covered

08:25 - Ryan shares an overview of the “Ask Method” and how it works for businesses

12:39 - How the internet is evolving and what “Web 3.0” means for marketers

15:35 - What “Zero-Party” data is and why it’s so important for marketers

23:24 - Why zero-party data makes it easier to have sales conversations

28:14 - Case studies and examples from different industries using the “Ask Method”

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