What's Working Now in Facebook Advertising (Part 2) with Kobi and Ralph


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What do you do when you 4x a customer's booked calls, but the prospects don't show up for the calls?

On today's episode, Ralph and Kobi Topaz continue their discussion on how the Tier11 team lowered a customer's acquisition cost by 50% and increased their call volume by 4X. Even with such impressive numbers, the battle was still not over. Prospects were booking calls but not showing up for meetings. This meant that Kobi and his team had to go back in and figure out how they could use data to troubleshoot the campaign.

Listen in as Kobi shares the effectiveness of using data, numerous tests, and iterations to improve the performance of your campaigns.


  • How long before you start seeing returns from your campaigns
  • Doubling down on ads that work
  • How funnel analytics can increase conversions
  • Test and learn your way to smarter ad campaigns
  • The power of improving just one metric on your campaign
  • Disqualifying and retargeting leads



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