The Philosopher's Seclusion with Simon Drew


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Welcome to Sundays with Seneca on the Perennial Meditations podcast. Join us as we search for ancient lessons for modern life in Stoic philosophy. Today’s selected reading comes from a letter titled On the Philosopher’s Seclusion.
In addition to the selected reading from Seneca, I’m grateful to share a recent conversation with my good friend Simon Drew from the Walled Garden Philosophical Society and the Soul Searching with Seneca podcast. Simon is a poet, musician, philosopher, and someone with a deep appreciation for Seneca’s wisdom and writing.
In On the Philosopher’s Seclusion, Seneca stressed to Lucilius, "I point other men to the right path, which I have found late in life, when wearied with wandering. I cry out to them: “Avoid whatever pleases the throng: avoid the gifts of Chance!" [...]

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