Patriots With Grit


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Patriots With Grit is hosted by Daryn Ross- -a conservative, God fearing, freedom loving, family-oriented business owner, entrepreneur, author, and formerly America’s marketer of the year. He’s bold, speaks his mind and never bows to the liberal left. Face it, small business, capitalism and entrepreneurship is the backbone of America. Many Americans are too obsessed with their Starbucks and smartphones to look up and pay attention--believing and doing everything they’re told based on what they hear in the media. Realizing people were starving for hope, encouragement, guidance, and truth, he decided to take his experience in business, marketing, leadership, and entrepreneurship, sprinkle in some good old fashioned faith-based American patriotism and introduce Patriots With Grit where we bring you truth bombs and guidance from conservative leaders and entrepreneurs. America’s the best country in the world, it's made up of patriots, and our mission at Patriots With Grit is to help you Hear Truth, Be Bold, and Live Free!

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