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I know you won’t believe me. But it did happen. At least, I think it did. To tell you the truth, I’m not really sure anymore.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.

After my wife died, I bought a boat and have been living on it ever since. I wanted to avoid people and the boat seemed like a good way to do that. I like the solitude.

And every year, from late Fall to early Spring I pretty much had the marina to myself, except for a few other live-boards who also make the marina their year-around home too.

But starting in May, boating season hits. People everywhere. They show up in droves. Fair-weather sailors, sport fishermen, drunken crabbers, weekend boaters, and loud children running up and down the docks.

That year it started early with the low rumble of a diesel engine.

-- -- -- -- --

“6 am! Who the hell docks their boat at 6am?”

I peered out my starboard window. A sailboat, looked to be a ketch about 42 feet long, was pulling up to the slip next to me. I might have taken notice of how beautiful it was, except I was grumpy, hadn’t slept all night, and was just nodding off when they arrived.

At any other hour I would have gotten up and helped them land, but damn it, not today. I rolled over trying to get back to sleep, but my new neighbors didn’t seem to care.

“How’z it look, hon?” a man yelled.

A woman answered. “You’re doing fine, babe.”

“Better hang a couple fenders on the other side, we don’t want to bump that boat next to us.”

“On it.”

“Okay, we’re coming in. Watch my bow. Good thing there’s no cross wind, I hate these leeward slips, but this is the only one they had left.”

“You’re looking good… A bit slower… Cuddle up close… There, I’ve roped the cleat.”

I heard a thump as she jumped off and secured boat.

The engine stopped but they kept talking and making noise for the next hour and eventually walked off.

But by then I was fully awake.

“Damn it. No use trying to sleep now.” I got dressed and headed off for breakfast.

I didn’t think about it at the time, but I remember walking down the dock to a weird sort of silence. The seagulls were on the breakwater as usual, but none were calling and the sky was empty.

A flyer on my windshield said ‘please move your car to the overflow lot before 6pm today. We’re having our Annual Boating Season party here.’

I could see they were already building a stage.

“Damn, I hate May 1st.”

-- -- -- -- --

Marcy, the owner/waitress of her little 5 table cafe smiled. “You’re here early.’

“Yeah, well I’m probably going to come back for lunch and dinner too.”

She laughed. “Hiding out in town, eh? The marina getting a little too full for ya? You know if you keep this up every year you’re going to turn into a lonely, grumpy old man.”

“But Marcy, I’ve got you and your fine cooking. What else could a man want?”

“If I was 20 years younger I just might take you up on that… So, you want the usual?”

-- -- -- -- --

It was nearly sunset when I got back. The lot was thick with people. Country music blared from the stage. Three large barrel-shaped barbecues, one with steak, one with salmon, and a third with hot dogs, flavored the air.

I had to admit it smelled pretty good. I spotted the beer kegs, turned, stepped on someones foot, and knocked a cup out of her hand dumping beer on the ground.

“Ow! That hurt.”

“Sorry,” I said bending down to retrieve her cup.

What I saw as I rose nearly knocked the wind out of me. My eyes scanned her body as I stood.

Long, slightly muscular legs, with tiny, barely visible blond hairs, red running shorts, a white t-shirt tied at the waste revealing a firm slender belly, nipples pushing hard against the fabric.

Standing now, we locked eyes. My god. Wide pupils surrounded by deep brown, her eyes glinted as if in perpetual laugh, dark eyebrows and shoulder length blonde hair. Her entire body perfectly tanned.

“So-sorry,” I stuttered. “I didn’t see you.”

She smiled back with those wonderful laughing eyes. “Well, you can make up for it by getting me another beer.”

Winding our way through the crowd we had to squeeze between people, forcing us together; sometimes her breasts against my back, others me behind her trying my best not to press against her bottom.

It felt awkward, this intimacy between strangers, but she didn’t seemed to mind at all.

She shouted over the din. “Well, since we seem to be pressed so tightly together, I suppose we should at least know each other’s names. I’m Laura.”

“Jim,” I said.

Our beers in hand, we worked our way back out and sat on a log looking out over the marina.

“I love it here,” I said.

“When did you get in?” she asked.

“Oh, no. I live here year-around.”

“On you boat?”

“Yeah, it’s a lot quieter in the winter — Only a few of us in the marina. I’m not much into crowds.”

“Oh,” she laughed. “So you step on our toes and throw beer on us to chase us away, eh?”

“No, I didn’t throw beer on you. But, to be honest, I’m kind of glad I stepped on your toe.”

“Me too.”

“So, I’m guessing you have a boat docked here? I asked.

“Yes, a ketch. We named her the Widgeon. We sailed up from Seattle, anchored overnight in Bellingham Bay, then got here early.

“Ah… when?”

“My crazy early rising husband weighed anchor before sunrise. Got us here around 6 this morning.”

Damn, she has a husband. “So… you wouldn’t be in slip G4 by any chance…?”

“Her eyes lit up. Yeah, you’ve seen our boat?”

“Well, ah, actually, I’m right next to you.”

“Oh my god, we’re neighbors!” She wrapped her arm across my shudder and kissed me on the cheek.

She must have felt me tense up and pulled her arm away. “Oh, sorry. I get a little over enthusiastic sometimes. My hubby calls me a free spirit. I didn’t mean to get that familiar so quickly.”

“It’s okay,” I laughed.

A loud voice boomed from behind us, “There you are.”

“Oh hi, babe. Yeah, just sitting on a log with a new friend.”

“I see that.”

I tried to hide my trepidation, the last thing I needed was a jealous husband, especially since he outweighed me.

“This is Jim.”

“Hey, Jim. I’m Derrick.”

Great, even his name was more macho than mine.

“So,” he said. “Having fun with my wife?”

“Oh, no, we just…”

“Oh, don’t mind him,” she said. “He’s yanking your chain. There’s not a jealous bone in his body.”

He laughed, “Sorry about that, I couldn’t resist. I don’t mind if my little free spirit makes friends.”

They seemed earnest, but I wasn’t sure I believed them.

“Jim’s got the boat right next to us.”

“You do? The sloop? Hey, I hope we didn’t wake you coming in so early.”

“That’s okay,” I lied, “I needed to get up anyway. Well, I’ve got to go, nice meeting you folks.”

“You, too, Laura said with a wink, flashing her smiling eyes.

It was only 10 when I got back to my boat. But whether from lack of sleep, or my disappointment in learning Laura was married, I went to bed.

-- -- -- -- --

My boat lay at anchor in a mysterious bay, surrounded by fog. The sound of a woman moaning rose from below deck. I floated down as one sometimes does in a dream, and saw her riding a man. It was my wife, my lovely Mona, riding on top of me.

My heart ached as I watched. I kept saying “God I love you, I miss you, why did you leave?” Her moans grew, then a loud scream woke me up. Moans and sighs were still happening. Tears were running down my face.

I heard Laura’s voice shouting, “yes, oh god yes, Derrick.”

It was my neighbors. Their windows, like mine, were open for relief from the warm night. And my boat was only 10 feet from theirs.

I wiped the tears from my cheeks and listened. I could hear every word.

“Oh, god,” Laura panted, “I really love your tongue down there…”

“Take me all in babe,” Derrick whispered.

For a time I could only hear the sounds of muffled moans and sucking. Then their bed squeaked. I pictured him moving around to mount her, or was she mounting him?

Sighs of pure joy escape her lips. I could hear their bellies slapping together. “Yes, uh, oh, yes harder babe.”

The sounds of their love making overpowered me. I began stroking myself.

Derrick, in a growling voice said, “you want him don’t you?”

She didn’t answer.

“Say it! Tell me you want him.”

In a soft whisper that I could barely make out, she said “yes.”

The thrusting sounds picked up pace, his growl got deeper. You want it to be him don’t you. Let me be him for you tonight!

She screamed out a powerful orgasm as he pounded harder into her.

(My own release was near.)

“I'm close now, baby,” he said in a low, guttural voice. “Oh god, I love you. I'm going to unload… baby, you know what I want to hear… who am I? Who’s fucking your right now?”

She said nothing, only fast short panting sighs.

“Say it damn it!”

“It’s him,” she whispered.

“Say it louder,” he demanded.

“Jim,” she shouted. “Oh, god, Jim… fuck me…. I want him inside me, I need him…”

I stopped stroking, my hand pulling away. Did I hear that right? Did she? No, I must have heard wrong.

Their bellies slapped faster, quiet words, loud moans… a growl revealed his release… then silence.

I started again pumping and stroking myself, then exploded in exquisite pleasure.

As I drifted off to sleep I heard Laura whisper. “Oh, god. Our windows are open.”

-- -- -- -- --

The captains clock pulled me awake, chiming 10 times. I’d never slept in that late before. But I’d tossed about most of the night, my mind wrestling with a lingering question. Did she call out my name? Or did I imagine it?

Their boat was quiet. I quickly dressed, grabbed my bag and headed for the showers. Imagination or not, as the warm water caressed my body, my cock started to react. I turned the shower down letting the cooler water bring me back.

I need a distraction… Marcy’s place. Yeah, a cup of coffee, some breakfast. Get on with my day. Let last night go.

-- -- -- -- --

Except for me and Marcy, the cafe was empty. She set my food down, then sat across from me.

“Okay,” she said. “What’s going on with you?”

“What do ya mean?”

“Well, first I’ve never seen you eat a breakfast this big or this late in the morning. And it’s your second day in a row here. So… like I said… what’s up?”

“Nothing. Just hungry and I slept in.”

“No. There’s something different.… Wait, did you take my advise and mingle at that party last night?”

“Well, yeah, a bit.”

“Oh my god. You mean grumpy old, ‘I-hate-boating-season’ Jim actually hung out with the Summer boating crowd?”

“Well, the beer was good. Okay?”

“It’d take more than a beer to keep you at that party. Wait… you met someone…”

“No! Marcy, are you kidding? I’ve told you, you’re the only gal for me.”

“Bullshit. You met someone of the female persuasion didn’t you? You old sea dog, a lady finally caught your eye.”

“Well, okay, you got me. But…”

“So tell me about her, what she look like?”

“Oh Marcy, she’s gorgeous… but…”

“So you two clicked?”

“Yeah but…”

“Near your age?”

“Yes…. but…"

“And she finds your ugly mug sexy?”

“Marcy! No… well… maybe… but…”

“But what already?”

“She’s married.”

Marcy sat back laughing. “So, in the course of just two years you’ve gone from widower to home wrecker, or is that a boat wrecker?”

“No, her husband saw us talking and …”

“Holy crap, I hope he wasn’t bigger than you.”

“That’s the weird thing, Marse, he didn’t seem to mind. Neither one of them did.”

Marcy raised her eyebrows, “hmmmm.”

“Hmmmmm, what?”

“Oh, nothing. You going to see her again?”

“Pretty much guaranteed. They’re the boat next to mine.”

“Jimbo, you poor devil, you may have stumbled onto something…”

The door opened, ringing a little bell.

“Oh, customers. Gotta go.”

“Marcy… what did you mean.”

She just smiled and turned “Hi, welcome to Marcy’s Cafe. Take any table you like, except,” she laughed, “the one with that confused looking gentlemen.”

-- -- -- -- --

I got back to the boat at noon. Derick was sitting on their afterdeck.

“Hey, Jim. Come aboard. We’re hav’n lunch. Hope you like turkey sandwiches.”

I stepped onto his deck, “Thanks.”

Just as I sat down, Laura came up with a plate. “Hi Jim.”

I hoped Derrick didn’t catch me starring at his wife, but how could I not? Obviously braless, in a white tank top and frayed denim shorts. Those bright dancing eyes and a smile to capture any man’s heart, and nearly mine.

“I didn’t know you’d be here,” she said handing both of us a sandwich. “I’ve got more down below.”

She flashed a heart-stoping smile, turned, and stepped into the companionway, “You boys want anything to drink?”

“Beer for me babe,” Derrick said.

“Thanks, Laura, just water for me.”

She descended the stairs to the lower deck. Her shorts rode up high, reveling a goodly about of her bottom.

“Derrick,” I said without thinking, “you are a very lucky man.”

“I am,” he laughed. “And I’m guessing you’re not talking about my boat.”

“Oh, your ketch is beautiful, and you might throw me overboard for this, but, yeah, I wasn’t referring to the boat.”

Laura was back with our drinks and food. “What you boys discussing?”

“Oh,” said Derrick, “Jim was just telling me how lucky I was.”

“Yes”, she said. “We both are. We’ve only had this boat for a year, but I like it a lot more than our other one.”

Derrick gave me a wink.

“A… yeah,” I stuttered, “nice boat.”

Laura passed us our drinks and set the plate of sandwiches on a table. Then picked up a wide brimmed hat off her chair and sat. She put the hat on her head, reveling a small patch of armpit hair.

Laura seemed oblivious to the storm of testoserone she was firing up.

The three of us fell into an awkward silence. Then Derrik spoke up.

“So, Jim. Ah, how’d you sleep last night?”

I glanced at Laura and she quickly looked down at the floor.

I could have lied and said I slept soundly, but for some reason I decided to be honest.

“Well, there was a little rustling from my neighbors boat, I smiled, but once things settled down I slept pretty well.”

“Oh, god,” Laura gasped, blushing.

Derrick just laughted. “Sorry about that. We’ll try to be a little quieter next time.”

“Oh, please don't be,” I said. “I lost my wife a while back and haven’t had anyone since. And, listening to two people so much in love, expressing that love with so much passion, well, I mean… don’t get me wrong, it was definitely a turn on, but it was also more. It reminded me of the love we had — the times my Mona and I…”

My throat tightened and my eyes watered. Laura looked up. “Are you okay?”

“It’s just, this was the first time I’ve spoken about her to anyone. Look, I’ve gotta go. I’m sorry.”

I jumped off the boat and headed up the dock, eyes wet.

-- -- -- -- --

I was surprised to see the daffodils doing so well. I had planted only a few bulbs. But that was two years ago. Now the’d spread into a half-circle around her gravestone.

I sat on the small bench her parents had placed there. The graveyard had headstones going back to the early 1700s. Hers was the newest.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been back, Mona. Please forgive me. It was just so hard to lose you. I guess I was kinda mad at you. I know that’s crazy. The cancer wasn’t your fault. I was just being selfish, I guess. God I loved you. I miss you.”

“I talk to my Walter too.”

“Marcy? What are you doing here.”

“It’s our anniversary today, I give him a visit every year.”

“How do you do it, Marse? I mean, you know, the loneliness.”

“It’s been over ten years for me, Jim. It get’s easier. I know I joke around with you at the cafe, but really, Jim. It is time for you to get on with your life. She’d understand, I’m sure of it.”

“I know, Marse, I know.”

-- -- -- -- --

I got back just after sunset. The cabin lights were on in Derrick and Laura’s boat. As I walked by, Derrik raised his voice so as to be heard through their closed window. “Jim you want to come over and have a beer?”

“No, thanks, Not tonight. I think I’ll hit the hay early.”

I got washed up and climbed into bed naked. It was too warm for pajamas. I must have fallen asleep pretty fast, because it was dark out when soft footsteps, the sound that bare feet make, woke me up. Then a quiet knock on the window beside my bed.

It was Laura. “Permission to come aboard captain?” she whispered.

I rubbed my eyes, “Sure. What’s up?”

She didn’t answer. I heard her walking to the stern, then the boat rocked slightly as she came aboard.

I sat up, being careful to keep the blankets around my waste.

Laura was wearing a long, white fleece robe covering her entire body. The moonlight falling through the overhead hatch made her blonde hair glow.

“I felt bad for you today,” she said.” I could see how much you miss your wife. I can only imaging how lonely its been for you. Derrick and I thought you might need some company.”

The look in her eyes spoke tenderness and lust all at once.

“Derrick? He knows you’re here?”

“Yes, we talked it over. We thought you shouldn’t be alone tonight.”

She untied her robe and let it drop to the floor. Without a word, she lifted the covers and sat next to me — her head on my shoulder, a naked breast rested against my arm, her hand on my stomach.

She smelled like flowers, like lillies, so familiar. Oh my god, Muguet Des Bois, the same fragrance my Mona used to wear.

I slid down in the bed. She followed. Her hand rested on my thigh, her head on my chest.

I started to say something, but she put two fingers on my lips and whispered into my ear. “Let me be her for you tonight. Make love to her like you did so long ago.”

I guess I should have said no, that it wasn’t appropriate. But her perfume surrounded me like a spell. She moved her hand to my chest, pinched my nipple, and laid her leg across mine.

Her full lips kissed my neck as her hand slid down over my belly, slowly searching for me. My erection grew to meet her finger tips.

“Oh, Mona. Ah, I mean Laura. Sorry.”

Again she whispered. “It’s okay to call out her name. Tonight, I’m not Laura. Tonight I’m your’s. I’m your Mona.” She moved her mound against my hip in slow humping motions.

It was madness, this powerful magic she had over me. I inhaled the sweet perfume and gave into to this wonderful fantasy. But it wasn’t a fantasy, it felt so real. My love, my Mona was there in my arms again.

I turned on my side. My cock press against her belly. Her breasts against my chest. I moved my hand down her back, cupped her bottom and pulled her up.

Our lips brushed together gently. I tickled her with the tip my tongue and she responded in kind.

Our tongues played more passionately as the feeling of her pubic hair brushing the head of my cock was almost too intense.

“Oh, god Mona you feel so good. I’ve missed you so.”

“I know, my love.” Her words were spoken in the softest of whispers, more

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