The Bitter Cup of Victory


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In your interactions with other believers there is a good chance that somewhere along the line, you are going to be disappointed; even hurt. In this week’s PathLight, we learn that during such seasons of pain, it is important to remember that you are a disciple of One who was betrayed, who was hurt, and you and I are no better than our Lord.

Joseph escaped being a victim and became a victor by naming God, not as the author of evil, but the One who caused it to work together for good. Paul was not bitter against the Jews. He would pray for them, say that he would even give his life for them even though they had often sought his harm.

Yet, each of these men had to endure a Gethsemane moment. This is the moment when you respond to the pain you have received from others. It is the turning point, when you will either go forward as the walking wounded, destined to carry the burden for years to come, or you will accept the trial as coming from God, and open your life to Him.

This week, Dr. T. D. Worthington encourages you to pick up your cross, take off your crown, and surrender to His will at your Gethsemane. Drink from “The Bitter Cup of Victory.” If all that sounds like defeat to you, then you’ve missed the whole point—for in these things we find victory.

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