A Nation of Beggars


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When the United States was founded, people had no problem with the concept that you worked to make it through life. Such was life. Every person depended on their own strengths and skills to earn their way through life. There were a few beggars, usually they were handicapped in some fashion. People worked, and this is the way it was and the way it should be. But today, it is so different. Many people consider themselves too good to actually work. They rely on some government handout that allows them to stay at home. So, they beg. They beg the government for more handouts. After all, it is much easier to collect paycheck without actually working for it. They have embraced socialism.

Socialism tries to narrow the economic gap by taking away from the most productive and spreading that wealth around to others that did not earn it under the guise of fairness or equality. This is not only foolish, but unscriptural. Jesus teaches us in Matthew 25:14-29 to invest in producers. Of course, if you teach this today you would be accused of being a selfish racist. You are invited to join Dr. T. D. Worthington for this week’s message entitled “A Nation of Beggars.”

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