A Mother's Tears


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The Jewish New Year occurs 163 days after Passover. It is called Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets. The Jews blow the shofar 100 times on each day of the celebration. These blasts of trumpets have been described as typifying many things, but one of those is the weeping of a mother. Yet, despite the myriad of examples of mothers crying, when the Jews blow the shofar, the model of wailing they chose is not that of Rachel or even Sarah. Instead, they chose the cries of a woman who is never even named and, in her only reference; she is known only in relation to her son. Her son was Sisera, a mighty Canaanite (Palestinian) warrior and hated enemy of the God’s people. Tradition says she sobs 101 times.

You are invited to join Dr. T. D. Worthington for this week’s edition of PathLight. We will be sharing a special Mother’s Day message entitled “A Mother’s Tears.”

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