The Federal Court System is Dangerous to the Constitution and Liberty


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Many opponents of the Constitution – and some supporters – warned us about the power of the federal court system. Time seems to have proven them right. It’s absolutely foolish to leave the fate of your liberty to the chance that five out of nine politically-connected lawyers – employed by the largest government in history – will do the right thing and limit that same government’s power.

Path to Liberty: Nov 30, 2022

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George Mason – Virginia Ratifying Convention (19 June 1788)

John Marshall – Virginia Ratifying Convention (20 June 1788)

William Grayson – Virginia Ratifying Convention (21 June 1788)

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Unprecedented Judicial Power: Antifederalist Brutus No. 11

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Elbridge Gerry to the Massachusetts General Court (3 Nov 1787)

Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Ritchie (25 Dec 1820)

Thomas Jefferson to William Johnson (4 Mar 1823)

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