347 - My Depressive Episode (Episode 6): They Call Me Pastor


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Continuing a conversation that was started on this podcast 2 years ago, part six of a series that has taken a behind the scenes look at Joey’s journey through a mental health crisis in 2019.
Joining today are four of Joey’s closest friends, Tim McAdams, Sarah Eller.
And Amy Alderman, Robbie Madison, both also co-hosts of the show.

The three reflect on his transparency leading up to this crisis and the effects it had on their processing of the situation at hand, back in 2019. They discuss whether they dealt with fear around the potential of Joey losing his life; and how they processed knowing that the friend of theirs, who was battling for his life, was also pastor of the church that all four considered their family. A true story of friendship, the power of family and the need for connection. Sarah Eller, Tim McAdams, Amy Alderman and Robbie Madison, special thanks for your love, grace and commitment to your boy.

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