When Your Strategic Brand Narrative Is Killing It with Andrea Wunderlich of Maxio


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Here are some of the key topics that Andrea and Paris discussed in this episode:

• How having an SDR experience helps in a marketing role

• How SaaSOptics merged with Chargify to become the brand Maxio today & how the merger impacted Andrea's role

• Saaspedia's organic play for ranking in the SERP with SaaS topics

• How to create successful gated content & what are the benefits of gated vs. ungated content

• What is the most important success metric for a SaaS company

• How creating a powerful strategic narrative strengthens your brand

• What is the B2B SaaS Maturity Curve

• The shift from traditional subscription models to usage-based pricing

• Cash accounting vs. accrual accounting

Mentioned resources:

SaaSpedia, the encyclopedia of subscription & SaaS finance terms and metrics

SaaSpedia, Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), article


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