41: How to Create an Anti-Racist Culture in Your School and Your Home


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Henry J. Turner is an award-winning high school principal, speaker, and author of “Change The Narrative: How to Foster an Antiracist Culture in Your School”. He is most proud of the collaborative community he works within to empower students to fight hate and bigotry in their school. In this episode, Henry talks about how you can change the narrative within your school and your home and shares the first steps towards a more diverse environment that cultivates acceptance for one another no matter who they are.

Key Takeaways

  • No inclusion in your school? You have the power to change it!
  • Many school leaders are unsure how to get started.
  • If something bad happened in your community, don’t stay quiet. Ask your teens what their thoughts are. Get comfortable talking about it.
  • This is an opportunity for you and your child to watch documentaries, news, and more together to further educate yourself on this topic.
  • Remember, your teens are growing and exploring and it’s important for parents to be supportive of that.
  • What does diversity and inclusion really mean and how can you implement these in schools?
  • Some parents feel like it’s too upsetting to even talk about some of the horrible things that happen to our minorities. But, by not talking about it, you’re missing out on a teaching opportunity with your child.
  • Henry encourages you to have a ‘multicultural’ event at your school. You get to learn so much about your community, other cultures, and you also get to eat!

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Change the Narrative: How to Foster an Antiracist Culture in Your School by Henry Turner


“Teenagers engage the most when they feel like their opinions are valued.”

“Allow their opinion to be their opinion. If they say something you disagree on, keep probing on where they got their information from.”

“Your teens aren’t just listening to you. They are watching you.”

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