40: Communication Tips to Boost a Better Relationship with Your Teen


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Casey O’Roarty is a positive discipline Trainer and Parent Coach. She hosts the popular parenting podcast, “Joyful Courage”. For the last 20 years, Casey has worked with families as an educator and coach to broaden perspectives on parenthood, behavior and relationships between parents and children. In this episode, Casey offers advice on how you can improve your relationship with your moody teenager and she reminds parents that we really have the power to influence a better relationship with our teen.

Key Takeaways

  • A little bit about Casey and her work.
  • What are some common mistakes parents make when raising teens?
  • Parents often make the mistake that they can explain the world to their children and help them prevent common mistakes from happening.
  • Teens need to experience the mistakes themselves.
  • Our teenagers don’t care about the laundry, and they don’t necessarily remember what it was like to be a ‘cute kid’ that used to cuddle up to mom.
  • As a parent, we influence the dynamic with our own teen.
  • What does positive discipline mean?
  • Be careful shutting down an idea your teen might have. It could kill their spirit or make them not want to bring their ideas to you in the future.
  • How can you help your teen open up?
  • We often minimize or forget the experiences our teens are having. We’ve been through so much and this is their first time experiencing ‘life’.
  • What happens when your teen ‘disrespects’ you? How do you handle it?
  • Casey is an excellent problem solver, but that’s not always what her teen needs. So that’s why she asks first before giving advice.
  • Just because you’ve been a teenager once doesn’t mean you know what they’re experiencing.
  • You help your teen grow by standing beside them rather than trying to protect them.
  • How do you navigate the conversation around college?

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“We look at our kid’s behavior and we immediately believe we’re doing something wrong, and that’s not always true.”

“Being more experienced doesn’t mean we actually know better.”

“Our relationships with our partner, with our friends, aren’t perfect either. We have our opinions and our judgements, and the relationship we have for each teen is also going to be different.”

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