38: Mindful Teens~The Power of Small Meditation Breaks


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Chetana Parmar, Advanced Yoga & Meditation Teacher, has over 20 years of experience in sustainability and environmental issues and also offers guided meditation sessions to organizations. Chetana is a Meditation Instructor, Climate Activist, and Sustainability Consultant. In this week’s episode, she talks about some of the benefits of taking a pause throughout your day and how you can instill good meditation practices in your teens.

Key Takeaways

  • What are some of the benefits of meditation?
  • It’s all about taking small moments out of your day to be conscious of your wellbeing and your space. You can start by taking small breaths at the stop light!
  • What do the impacts of focusing on your breath have on the brain?
  • Wouldn’t it be great if teachers took a moment to help students breath and help them reset for the next day?
  • How do you get started on a meditation practice? Do you need a teacher?
  • A good gentle reminder is to try to take a deep breath in every time you walk through a doorway.
  • Tim Ferris, a well-known entrepreneur, found that 80%+ of his podcast interviewees all had a mindfulness practice.
  • Teens model what their parents do. If you have a good practice, they’ll follow suit.
  • You don’t need to dedicate massive amounts of time to this. If you have a hectic day, find 2 seconds to take a breath in and a breath out.

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“Notice your breath. How does it feel when you take a deep breath in?”

“Throughout the day, just focus on your breath 2-3 times.”

“You can meditate anywhere. Just notice your breath. There are so many ways you can bring your presentness into being.”

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