32: Teen Suicide Prevention: What Parents Can Do to Help Their Teen Through Turbulent Times


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Ashley Keough is a Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist, and Speaker practicing in New Hampshire. Ashley has been in this field of work for the last 20 years and helps her clients own their story. In this week’s episode, Ashley shares some scary stats about the rise of suicides in our teens today, and what parents can do to help ease the distress of adulthood as your teen goes through these tough developmental changes.

Key Takeaways

  • How do you know if your teen is suicidal? What are the signs?
  • Suicide rates are on the rise. Why is that?
  • Suicide is the second leading cause for adolescence.
  • If your teen has shifted from having a bunch of friends to having no one, that should be a concern.
  • If you see risk factors in your teen, how do you then go about having a conversation with them?
  • It’s okay to tell your teens that you are concerned.
  • What happens if your teen has admitted suicidal thoughts?
  • Whatever you do, don’t tell them to suck it up, or that they’re just doing it for attention.
  • What happens if one of your child’s friends is self-harming?
  • Ashley encourages parents to work with the school and get support and awareness around this issue.
  • Once your child turns 18, everything changes. This is where connection with your child is really key.
  • How do you validate your teens feelings and not be dismissive of them?
  • Ashley shares examples of what parents can say to their teen to comfort them.

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“Therapy is about collaboration, partnership, and helping people acknowledge the growth and power inside them.”

“The rates of death by suicide in the United States have risen 57.4% over the last ten year period.”

“Teens are really smart and they’re listening for your authenticity.”

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